Homemade Face Mask: Sidr Honey Yogurt

Let's be honest, we don't often give our face the time and attention it deserves. I mean really, when was the last time you truly did something indulgent for yourself? If you have to think about it a lot, then it has probably been too long. I'm no different... I too am guilty for neglecting my face too often, but when I don't... I love a good natural homemade face mask. And when I say "good", I mean a good quality, nutritious, and healthy natural homemade face mask.

You see... not all face masks are created equal. We all know that by now. Like that cool refreshing feeling you get when you indulge yourself in a truly organic and natural homemade face mask. That satisfying pleasure knowing your skin just absorbed all those naturally fulfilling nutrients.
Compared to the unnaturally squeaky and dry skin most "all natural" face masks (with ingredients you can't even pronounce) result in.
Treat yourself with a real natural homemade face mask today. Honestly... you deserve it. 
A lot of you have most likely heard of Yemeni Sidr Honey. That's because it's famous for being one of the best honey in the world and is known for its superb quality. It’s packed with nutrients which really benefit your overall wellbeing and your body. It's called Sidr honey because the bees feed off fruits from the Sidr tree, resulting in much better quality honey. However, often times, healthy foods filled with nutrients for our diet also do wonders for our skin! What you put ON your body, is as important as what you put IN it. 

Because most of us forget this very crucial rule to healthy hair and skin, the leaves of the Sidr tree are almost always neglected and therefore not as popular. But that doesn't stop the local women in that area from taking advantage the benefits and as a result, they are known throughout the country for healthy skin and hair. It's true.
So now for the fun part... Today, I want to share with you all a great secret recipe/mixture I've learned from those women. It's super easy to make and you can do it by yourself at home. You'll be extremely happy that you did, believe me! 

Sidr Honey Yogurt Natural Homemade Face Mask 

Pure Yemeni Sidr Powder


Pure Yemeni Sidr Powder


1. Mix together your pure Yemeni sidr powder, honey, and yogurt. You can do this by using a small whisk or a regular fork. Make sure that it is thoroughly mixed together properly. 

2. Use your fingers to spread evenly on face and rub in circular motions so that it start to foam a little (soapy texture).

3. Let it rest on your face for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and apply your favorite moisturizer.

That's all folks! Easy peasy, but at the same time wonderful for your skin. You'll know what I'm talking about once you've tried it. I'm sure :)

So tell me... Will you be trying this out anytime soon? Do you like natural beauty solutions? Would love to hear from you.

I, for one, highly recommend you do!


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