Stop lying to us about Acne. Here's the truth...

Washing face with water only

Water... Just water.


After years and years of battling acne and testing out every product promised to finally rid me of this horrible disease, I finally discover that the solution was to use nothing at all and just to wash my face with WATER ONLY!


I felt stupid and angry about the fact that I was being lied to all my teenage life... 


Lied to by companies who couldn't care less about my issues or how much I'm suffering daily by all these annoying and ugly spots on my face that just won't leave me alone.


Then I come to find out that many of the products I bought were actually giving me more acne so that the company can then sell me other crap like "acne moisturizers" or "acne cleansers" and the list goes on and on. 


But yeah, enough with my dwelling on the past... 


I'm just grateful those days are over.   I'm not writing this to just complain, honestly. I'm sharing this with you because I remember when I had acne, I always told myself that once I do manage to cure it, I will share my method with everyone I can - I just didn't think the method would be this simple.


So here's my experience using only water to wash my face...


I started exactly a year from today, July last year. Why I started? To be honest, I was just tired of trying, and stopped caring completely. I woke up one morning and my "Clearasil acne face wash" had run out, so I just used water. Fortunately, that same day, I met someone who would later end up being a close friend of mine. He had his own apartment and so we used to always hang out at his place till late. When I finally got home, I'd just shower with warm water and go to bed. The next day, I was too lazy to get a new acne cleanser and so I did what I did the day before. And so on and so forth... 


After around 3 weeks of doing this, 


I realized something very weird. I wasn't seeing any new spots. Which was odd because I remembered before, I'd wake up to a new spot somewhere new on my face every other day or two. I didn't think much of it at first because I was too distracted with what was going on in my life at the time. 


Fast forward two months later,


my friends started to notice that my face looked different, and sure enough, it really was. It looked normal. I mean, I had one or two acne spots but it was completely normal. God I felt so happy and free, finally. I figured maybe I just out grew acne. After all, it was bound to happen eventually right?




You see, eventually my face started to look greasy and not as clean as I wanted it to be - but at least the acne was gone! - and so I decided to buy another face wash marketed as a face wash for "oily face". And yes, my face was squeaky clean at first (not a good thing I later found out) and I figured I'd just use the cleanser every now and then. But guess what... The very next morning, I woke up to a big red spot on my face. It was one of those ones which didn't have the yellow dot on them. You know... The ones you just can't resist messing with and trying to pop but end up making your face look like pepperoni pizza. Argh I hated those. 


But rest assured, at that point I was confident that it really was the cleansers and moisturizers which caused my acne. I'm without a doubt sure of this.


At this point, my acne was cleared, but... 


I had a new issue which I was looking for a solution to. Because I no longer used soap to wash my face, it started to become greasy over time. That was until I learned about natural face masks. Learning about these superb gifts from nature really transformed my skin. I went from having damaged skin and not being confident enough, into having healthy skin that many people complimented me on and even asked for tips on what I used. 

 Pure Yemeni Sidr Powder - Face Mask

What's more insane is that this isn't even a secret in many parts of the world. I mean, have you ever visited villages in Africa, Asia, or Europe that are far away from cities and commercial products. If you do, you'll notice that they all have unique and traditional beauty secrets, which almost always consist of all natural and organic ingredients. Those people only have skin issues at an old age - which are caused by constant exposure to the sun and malnutrition. But acne all over their faces... Extremely rare. Don't believe me? Google it... Try finding a single picture of a villager with acne like many teenagers in western countries have. Still not convinced? Read a few research papers on the topic and see for yourself. 


So why doesn't everyone know about this?


Well... There's no money to be made in just water. Think about it. Why would any company looking to profit off you, recommend you to use water only to wash your face? Instead, they would much rather sell you cleansers which give you the impression or feeling of your face being cleaned (squeaky feeling), while in reality, clogging your pores and over drying your face so that the oil glands produce more oils in the hair follicles, ultimately resulting in acne. Once that happens, they would sell you more products designed to either “eliminate acne”, fix oily skin, moisturize dry skin…. or give you thousands of other false solutions.


But yeah… this article is getting a lot longer than I intended it to be. I’m just very passionate about the subject and it’s extremely personal to me. I’ve lived through it and learned from my mistakes and so the least I can do is pass on my knowledge of this absurdity that is occurring every single day and harming an increasingly high number of men and women around the world. So just listen to the advice your parents always gave you about acne. Just leave it alone… it will go away eventually.



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