Pure Yemeni Sidr - Natural Plant-Based Face Mask & Hair Conditioner


Why Pure Yemeni Sidr?

Sidr Face Mask

I want to introduce all to our first product - Pure Yemeni Sidr. Obtained from a small village surrounding the city of Aden in Yemen (where the plant originated from), it is by far the best source on Earth to acquire this amazing leaf.

You may of previously heard of Sidr Honey (one of the best honey in the world). What you probably didn't know however, is that these plants give the Sidr honey its richness and quality. We know this to be true based on the difference in the quality of the sidr honey during seasons in which this plant doesn't grow as well.

But why does this matter? Well... the bees aren't the only ones who benefit from this plant - so do the locals in that area! In fact, women from that part of the country are known for clear skin and healthy hair. What is their secret? Yup... you guessed it right. It's Pure Yemeni Sidr. I am without a doubt sure of this. They use this product religiously and aren't shy to admit it.

How to use Pure Yemeni Sidr:

Pure Yemeni Sidr

Face Mask:

What's that? You've heard enough and want to know how to use it? No worries, it's very simple. So there are two uses for the Pure Yemeni Sidr. Occasionally, women (and men too!) would treat themselves to a healthy and rich hair conditioner using this product. But mostly, it is used as a deep cleansing face mask.

By mixing just one tea spoon of Pure Yemeni Sidr with two or three tea spoons of water (depending on how thick your prefer it to be), rubbing the mixture on your face in circular motions until it begins to turn "soapy" and slightly foamy (this process is completely natural), you will be amazed by how clean and fresh your face will look after just 15 minutes of this powder gold sitting on your face. It's like food for your skin the way it's absorbed. But that's not even the best part. What makes the Pure Yemeni Sidr unique, is that it has this soapycreamy and moisturizing texture to it which keeps your skin nice and soft when you finally wash it off. You'll definitely feel it and understand what I'm talking about once you try it. Not only will you notice results right after you have washed it off, but it is very healthy for your face in the long-term as well. It feels amazing and your face will thank you for it.  

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Hair Conditioner:

You've most likely heard of "henna" before. Well, think of Pure Yemeni Sidr as the "colorless henna". You get the same benefits while keeping your hair color unchanged. It will leave you hair soft, silky, moisturised and clean. As a hair conditioner, Pure Yemeni Sidr is ideal for those who prefer not to use soap or detergents to wash their hair. It is also great for those who have fine or limp hair since it adds thickness and texture to your hair. Additionally, Pure Yemeni Sidr gives extra protection from water, sun and dust as a long term benefit.

It's important to note that although Pure Yemeni Sidr is excellent for your hair, it does require you to use a lot more than you would normally use as a face mask. You need at least 25 grams of Pure Yemeni Sidr to clean and condition your hair properly. Mix Pure Yemeni Sidr with hot water until it becomes paste like - as thick as yogurt. Section your hair, and apply the paste starting from your roots. Work the paste thoroughly into your hair. Let it stay in your hair for 20-25 minutes. Rinse your hair completely with warm water. 

Great hair mask recipe using Pure Yemeni Sidr: