Pure Yemeni Sidr Powder
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Pure Yemeni Sidr Powder

Pure Yemeni Sidr - Face Mask & Hair Conditioner (100grams)

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Finely ground leaves obtained from the Sidr tree in Yemen - where the plant originally comes from. Truly the best source for these leaves and the quality can not get any better than this.

Natures very own Face Mask & Hair Conditioner packaged in a plastic-free and environmentally friendly container.

How to use:

As a deep cleansing face mask - Mix one tea spoon of Pure Yemeni Sidr with two or three tea spoons of water (depending on how thick your prefer it to be). Apply the paste on a cleansed face and start rubbing in circular motions until it begins to turn "soapy" and slightly foamy (this process is completely natural). Allow it to rest for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

It's like food for your face the way your skin absorbs the mixture. The soapy, creamy and moisturizing texture makes your skin nice and soft when you finally wash it off and you will instantly notice a difference in how great your face will look and feel. It is very healthy for your face in the long-term as well.

*For more recipes check out our blog post.

As a rich hair conditioner - Mix 25 grams of Pure Yemeni Sidr with hot water until it becomes paste like - as thick as yogurt. Then section your hair, and apply the paste starting from your roots. Work the paste thoroughly into your hair. Let it stay in your hair for 20-25 minutes. Rinse your hair completely with warm water. 

It's basically like henna without color. It will leave you hair soft, silky, moisturised and clean. It also adds thickness and texture to your hair. Pure Yemeni Sidr gives extra protection from water, sun and dust as a long term benefit.

*If you are allergic to latex, please do a patch test before using.